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The fiscal cliff: what all the fuss is about

What is the definition of fiscal?  Webster’s dictionary says fiscal means “of or pertaining to the public treasury or revenues.”  When the President talks about fiscal policy, the President is talking about how the federal government will spend tax revenue. So, what is the fiscal cliff?  Based on current federal government policy, laws will go […]

A comment on an important economic release this week

This Friday, the Bureau of Labor Statistics will provide a picture of the employment situation in America.  This situation report will tell us whether the national unemployment rate has changed.  Also, the report will tell us how many new jobs employers created in the nation.   The number of jobs created is important because, for […]

Why San Francisco Is Different: Technology’s Job Multiplier

San Francisco’s housing market is a completely different animal than the rest of the Bay Area, as frequently detailed by Andrew. But why? Why is demand so insatiable? Bloomberg presents an interesting argument: Technology jobs create disproportionately more high-paying other jobs. Technology has a wider reach than traditional sources of jobs both because those companies […]


The Boomerang Generation’s Imact On Housing Demand

Mike Shedlock has a smart take on housing demand, parsing the latest census bureau report. The boomerang generation is having an enormous impact on the lack of housing demand. The good news is that, if and when the job market really picks up steam, there will be millions of young adults looking to buy homes […]


In 2009, the U.S. Congress passed and President Obama signed the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA).  You may recall the phrase “shovel ready projects” or saw the big green signs along local freeways touting infrastructure work to be done locally. The initial price tag was about $787 billion.  There first object of ARRA was […]

The Real Reason Why Europe Is In Trouble

Check out the Youth Unemployment rates for Portugal, Greece, and Spain. Talk about driving social mood to a darker place… Courtesy Zero Hedge: For comparison, the Youth Unemployment rate (16-24 year olds) in the United States was last reported at 18.1%.

The South Bay to Recover. The East Bay…Not So Much.

There is an interesting article in the Oakland Tribune today about the differences between the South Bay and East Bay economies. While the South Bay has technology, the East Bay became far too reliant on construction and real estate during the boom. From The Oakland Tribune: The current economic boom will be robust enough for […]