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Fiscal Mudslide

Here is another description of the “extension” of the tax bills. Bascially a lot more of what politicians are really good at, nothing. But, is it really good for the economy and country? Tough call. http://www.dsnews.com/articles/from-fiscal-cliff-to-mudslide-2013-01-04

The fiscal cliff: what all the fuss is about

What is the definition of fiscal?  Webster’s dictionary says fiscal means “of or pertaining to the public treasury or revenues.”  When the President talks about fiscal policy, the President is talking about how the federal government will spend tax revenue. So, what is the fiscal cliff?  Based on current federal government policy, laws will go […]

The Mortgage Interest Deduction Is Going To Be Reduced And That Is A Good Thing

The mortgage interest deduction sacred cow is back on the chopping block and we should all be grateful. Originally created to encourage homeownership, the mortgage interest deduction now only serves to encourage indebtedness. This mortgage interest deduction has made the cost of shelter fifteen percent higher for all of us. Every single one of us, […]

Sacrificing sacred cows: the mortgage interest deduction

The funny part is that if we did eliminate the mortgage interest deduction and prices fell 20 percent, new buyers would need a smaller mortgage, and we’d all pay less in property taxes. So does this deduction really help homeowners? Or does it primarily benefit lenders and tax collectors? I believe it’s the later.