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Bulls make money, Bears make money, but Hogs Get Slaughtered

A tip of the hat to Tom Stone for the title of this post, he ended a post he wrote earlier this week about whether or not now is a good time to list your home in the bay area with it. The San Francisco real estate market has had a massive supply of buyers over the […]


San Francisco Gets Off to a Hot Start in 2013

San Francisco real estate got off to a very hot start in 2013. Which is probably the only time you’ll hear the words “hot” and “San Francisco” in the same sentence until we have our first hot day of the year (anything above 80 degrees fahrenheit qualifies as hot in SF). As the chart below shows, we […]


San Francisco prices and Facebook

I’ve got a new piece on Burbed on why SF house prices and rents going up so much, which is a response to this article on CNN/Money.  The article is actually pretty interesting, going more deeply than usual into causes of low supply and high demand for the high end.  I’m republishing my piece here in full, […]