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This home in Pacific Heights sold for $1,355,000 over the asking price.

Top San Francisco Overbids for 2013

In most areas of the world, $1,355,000 will get you a very, very nice house. In San Francisco real estate, though, all it gets you is the highest overbid for a single family home in 2013. The top overbid in absolute dollars for a single family home in San Francisco so far this year was […]


What’s an Average Year for San Francisco Real Estate?

Hi there! While I’ve been a blogging about San Francisco Real Estate for years, this is my first post at Bay Area Real Estate Trends. I’m honored to be a part of the team, and look forward to contributing my thoughts, ideas, questions, and observations about real estate in San Francisco. In my 10+ years […]


State of the Markets – December 2012: They Will Rise

No run-of-the-mill economic commentary today is complete without a discussion of the so-called “fiscal cliff.” For that reason, we will ignore the fiscal cliff and move on. Housing is in recovery mode. However government subsidized it may be, demand is strong, inventory is low and real estate prices — in certain markets — are rising. […]


Dear San Francisco Property Owners: It’s An Unbelievably Good Time to Sell

Here’s a bold prediction: There will be a record number of new listings in San Francisco this September. Why? Simple: It’s an unbelievably good time to sell real estate. Labor Day in San Francisco marks the beginning of Indian Summer, those gloriously sunny two months when we remember why we argue that the city does, […]


State of the Markets – September 2012: Hot, Hot Indian Summer

As we head into San Francisco’s Indian Summer, real estate agents are gearing up for a wild two months (for our bold prediction of just how wild, check out: San Francisco Property Owners: It’s An Unbelievably Good Time to Sell). September and October are typically the city’s most active months, as buyers and sellers alike […]

SoMa vs. Nob Hill: Where would you buy?

By Andrew Jeffery I had an interesting conversation this morning about relative performance in different San Francisco neighborhoods during and after the housing bubble burst. Conventional wisdom would lead one to believe that SoMa, the fringier and “overdeveloped” part of San Francisco would have performed better than Nob Hill, which is much more established as […]

32 Offers — Are We in a Bubble?

We get asked almost every day whether we think a bubble is forming around social media companies like Facebook, Twitter and Zynga. And with Facebook buying Instagram this week for $1 billion, “bubble” is now on the tip of everyone’s tongue. They say you can see a bubble if you look at the real estate […]