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This home in Pacific Heights sold for $1,355,000 over the asking price.

Top San Francisco Overbids for 2013

In most areas of the world, $1,355,000 will get you a very, very nice house. In San Francisco real estate, though, all it gets you is the highest overbid for a single family home in 2013. The top overbid in absolute dollars for a single family home in San Francisco so far this year was […]


Small condos lead the way in a slow-motion market

In the spirit that this is the Bay Area Real Estate Trends blog, I’m going to be updating some of my earlier posts to get an idea of just what some of those trends are. And appropriately, on the one-year anniversary of my first post, I’m going to revisit the Montierra Condominiums in the Hayward […]

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The fiscal cliff: what all the fuss is about

What is the definition of fiscal?  Webster’s dictionary says fiscal means “of or pertaining to the public treasury or revenues.”  When the President talks about fiscal policy, the President is talking about how the federal government will spend tax revenue. So, what is the fiscal cliff?  Based on current federal government policy, laws will go […]

Of Course Home Prices are Rising

How could home prices NOT be rising when the housing supply is so low? Nationally, housing inventory is down in June 23% from last year. From Calculated Risk:   But in the Bay Area, the decline is much more severe. For the San Francisco Metro Area, HousingTracker reports: Housing inventory in San Francisco, which is […]

If Inventory Was Normal, Would The Market Still Be Hot?

Home prices are driven by the balance of Supply and Demand. Lately, however, Supply and Demand have been driven more by Government policy and tinkering instead of real, organic, natural market forces. Supply is down enormously while Demand is basically hangin’ in there. The result? Bidding wars and front page stories, like this one, from […]


In 2009, the U.S. Congress passed and President Obama signed the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA).  You may recall the phrase “shovel ready projects” or saw the big green signs along local freeways touting infrastructure work to be done locally. The initial price tag was about $787 billion.  There first object of ARRA was […]