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My Bay Area Real Estate Crystal Ball: What I’m certain will happen in 2013…maybe.

So what’s actually going to happen in the Bay Area Real Estate markets in 2013.  One thing is absolutely certain, and that is the fact that it will change.  The extent to which it will change depends almost entirely on government intervention.  If there was no government intervention there would have been no burst in […]

How can I get my offer accepted? 14 effective tips!

How can I get my real estate offer accepted? How can I get my offer accepted? 14 Strategies to getting your offer accepted! The plight of today’s buyers: “I’m just so tired of submitting offers that never get accepted!” Are you writing the wrong offer?  Are you working with an ineffective Realtor? Both?  I will […]

An UGLY day in Real Estate

This is not a post about the values of homes in Brentwood or Oakley.  It’s not about property in Alamo receiving 14 offers, ultimately selling to a cash buyer well above an already optimistic list price.  It’s about the behavior of a few, several, ..OK way too many agents’ unprofessional and unethical behavior.  It’s just ugly. At this […]

VERY few homes for sale in Brentwood, CA as home prices continue to rise quickly

Available Homes in Brentwood, CA: There’s no doubt we’ve turned around. Will it last? East county’s inventory continues to dwindle, further driving up active home prices. Click here to see available homes in Brentwood as of September 12th, 2012. Since January of this year there’s been a 72% decrease in active homes in Brentwood, CA.  This chart clearly […]