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Daily 5: A National Day of Action

5 Things to Know about Today’s National Day of Action 1. OWS Targets Foreclosures In case you haven’t heard, Occupy Wall Street’s cousin, Occupy Our Homes, has declared today to be a “National Day of Action” to stop and reverse foreclosures. From their blog: Today is the Occupy Our Homes National Day of Action to […]

Occupy Oakland Jumps The Shark

Apparently, within Occupy Wall Street, there is a movement starting in Oakland to “Occupy Foreclosures” by, literally, squatting in them. @OccupyOakland tweets: This is absolutely the wrong direction for the OWS movement to take. First of all, the it wouldn’t actually accomplish anything positive. People squatting in vacant homes and delaying their resale only hurts […]

Taibbi: Cheating, Not Winning

Excellent piece from Matt Taibbi that really crystallizes not only motivation for Occupy Wall Street, but also why fans of capitalism like myself and Barry Ritholtz support the movement. Occupy Wall Street isn’t about jealousy or laziness, it’s about fairness. Some of the 1%, especially in the banking and financial world, didn’t get there fairly. […]

Is it no longer cool for college grads to work on Wall Street?

It seems like for the last decade or so, too many graduates from elite colleges have been lured to Wall Street instead of becoming doctors, lawyers, teachers, scientists, etc. We can blame the culture: 1998-2008 were all about bling and material wealth. Granite counters and leased Mercedes. Since, frugality is making a slow comeback. Not […]