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Exactly What is a Housing Recovery?

Everywhere you look, people are saying that housing is recovering. But exactly what is a housing recovery? Think about it… does a housing recovery mean a return to peak bubble home prices? Or peak number of existing home sales? Or peak new home sales? Or contribution to GDP? Does it even mean a return to […]

Homebuilders Are Ramping Up Production In The Central Valley

Over Thanksgiving, I spent some time with a buddy of mine who works closely with a number of large homebuilders operating in the Central Valley. He’s seen a huge change over the last six months of builders ramping up production. He’s seen builders buying hundreds of finished lots (ready to build) for well over $100,000 […]

Don’t Get Too Excited About Today’s New Home Sales Figures

Yes, new home sales were up in September, but overall numbers are still pretty dismal. From Tim Iacono: The Commerce Department reported(.pdf) that new home sales jumped 5.7 percent last month to their highest level since April of 2010, up from an annual rate of 368,000 in August to 389,000 in September, as the U.S. housing market […]