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Here Is Why 5% Mortgage Rates Are A Long Ways Out

The direction of mortgage interest rates drive the housing market. We’ve been spoiled with ultra-low rates the last few years with many experts predicating  2014 was going to be the year of 5% rates, they were wrong. Here’s why we’re not going to be seeing 5% mortgage rates anytime soon. Ability To Procure Credit Reality […]

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How Keeping A Close Eye On Your Credit May Hurt Your Mortgage Chances

What Are Disputed Credit Accounts? *Credit Accounts (that report on the credit report) in which there is disagreement about any material item like balance, interest rate, payments  are most common, any aspect of the agreement between a borrower (creditor) and lender (debtor). Includes: Disputed Charge-off Accounts (charge off shows a due debt, but no payment due) […]

Two Biggest Factors That Garuantee The Lowest Rate

It’s not surprising interest rates are on the rise as the fed has committed to reducing their mortgage bond buying starting this month. There is an array of factors affecting a mortgage rate things like;  home occupancy, loan type, and even property type. Two factors carry the most weight when shopping mortgages… How Lender Sees […]

Don’t Wait Until Spring To Sell Your Home

Sometimes conventional wisdom is flat wrong. Here are five reasons why you should sell your home now instead of waiting until the Spring. 1. Little Competition. It doesn’t matter if there are few buyers as long as there a lot fewer listings. High demand and low supply create a great time to sell, regardless of what […]

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Locking Your Interest Rate When Buying A House

To say current mortgage rates are volatile, is an understatement. For the last two months there’s been strong swings in mortgage pricing, mortgage rates to very unstable. Nothing can be more frustrating for pre-approved home shopper knowing their ability to qualify and their subsequent proposed payment could change at anytime. How to deal with volatile […]

How To Chose Between A No Cost Mortgage Or Paying Fees

A program made popular in the height of the subprime lending environment was no-cost mortgages. No-cost loans have gained strong interest as consumers are savvy in deciphering loan terms, rates and how to qualify for credit in a constrictive lending environment. Whether buying a home or refinancing a mortgage, following are key differences between the […]