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If You Prop Up an Artificial Economy Long Enough, Does It Become Real?

Guest post from Charles Hugh Smith. Does carefully nurturing a facade of health actually lead to health? No; all it does is perpetuate a destructive illusion. The policy of the Status Quo since 2008 boils down to this assumption: if we prop up an artificial economy long enough, it will magically become real. This is an […]

Mish On The Housing Bottom

I have always been a proponent of listening to the people who have generally been right all along about the housing crisis, while ignoring those who are generally wrong year after year (NAR, Mark Zandi, etc.) I pay extra attention to Mike “Mish” Shedlock who recently suggested that the housing collapse is near it’s end. […]

Housing: Market Healthy from the Bottom Up (aka the Plankton Theory)

Wall St Journal, by way of Calculated Risk had some housing comments recently along the lines of markets “improving from the bottom up“. They referenced some data suggesting a surge in buying activity within lower price sectors of real estate in New York and New Jersey. They continued with analyst commentary suggesting that it was […]

Barry Habib’s Thoughts On Housing and Some Faulty Industry-Think

Today I attended a speaking event featuring Barry Habib, sponsored by Walnut Creek’s RPM Mortgage and a mortgage-broker friend of mine, Ken Neate. Barry is a well-respected businessman, investment professional, and a heavyweight in the mortgage industry, and was invited to share his thoughts on the mortgage market, interest rates, the economy, stocks, and the housing market with a select group of local real estate agents.

When The Fed Speaks, Housing Listens

Especially since the 1990′s, home prices have largely been driven, directly or indirectly, by the actions of The Fed. The Greenspan Fed enabled the Credit and Housing Bubbles, and the Bernanke Fed is doing everything it can to keep them inflated, extending and pretending, hoping the fundamental core economy will eventually catch up.