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The Fed Predicts Housing Rush To The Exit

Historically, as home prices rise, more sellers are enticed to put their homes on the market. This time, however, something is different. Prices have risen dramatically over the last 18 months, yet housing inventory has fallen. This isn’t how things are supposed to be. The important question is why. The answer will largely tell us […]

Alameda market…and beyond!

Alameda has had property prices increase BIG-TIME this year.  That’s old news.  But this link may be of interest to those who are buying or are trying to buy at this time.  Here’s a line from the Wall Street Journal article, dated May 1: Even with the gains in home prices, housing is more affordable […]

Lamorinda Home Prices Back Above Peak Levels

It won’t show in the data yet because the “pendings” haven’t closed. Many are closing for 100K or more over their asking prices, pushing the market price of properties in Lafayette, Moraga, and Orinda up above the previous 2006-2007 peaks. Lamorinda home prices are officially at all-time highs. Some examples… Orinda: Ivy Drive Area 231 […]

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When Will The Home Price Rally End?

Lately, a lot of people are telling me that they are nervous buying a home now because they are worrying that home prices could be peaking right now and they don’t want to buy at the top. Relax. Home prices obviously won’t rally like this forever, but the rally isn’t ending in 2012. In fact, […]

5 More Reasons To Think For Yourself

Following up on Debunking A Crappy Real Estate Cheerleading Article, here are five more reasons to think for yourself when it comes to today’s housing market. Let’s break down this guy’s reasons 6-10 as to why we aren’t experiencing another unsustainable housing bubble… 6. Strengthening, But Not Overheating. Digging into the latest real estate price data […]

Debunking A Crappy Real Estate Cheerleading Article

Ugh… it REALLY feels like 2003 all over again. Especially with crappy articles like this one getting lots of attention and promotion from real estate agents. The article is titled 10 Signs We’re Not In Another Real Estate Bubble, and it is 100% crap. First off, let’s agree that “bubble” refers to the price of homes, […]

Exactly What is a Housing Recovery?

Everywhere you look, people are saying that housing is recovering. But exactly what is a housing recovery? Think about it… does a housing recovery mean a return to peak bubble home prices? Or peak number of existing home sales? Or peak new home sales? Or contribution to GDP? Does it even mean a return to […]