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The Real Reason Why Europe Is In Trouble

Check out the Youth Unemployment rates for Portugal, Greece, and Spain. Talk about driving social mood to a darker place… Courtesy Zero Hedge: For comparison, the Youth Unemployment rate (16-24 year olds) in the United States was last reported at 18.1%.

Friday 5: It Just Doesn’t Get Any Better Than This

A hectic week ends with disappointing news from Europe and, of course, a stock market rally. 1. Blithering Idiots Today was do-or-die day for the European Union. They had to accomplish something – or at least announce that the major players were in agreement on the major points. They couldn’t, and Britain rightly walked away. […]

An Irish Haircut

Guest Post: Just as only four short years ago it was All Subprime, All the Time, and then it was the Credit Crisis, now it is Europe. (When) will Greece default and which banks will implode as a result? Is there another banking crisis in our future? I just came back from a whirlwind four-country […]