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Drama Continues At Danville’s General Plan Hearing

Drama continued as more than 200 residents showed up at Danville’s latest General Plan hearing to voice their opposition. The Contra Costa Times reports: A fourth Planning Commission meeting on the subject, held Tuesday, again drew more than 200 people. They spoke late into the night and often passionately against the plan and its provisions […]

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Understanding Danville’s 2030 General Plan

The Town of Danville has come under fire for it’s plans to rezone blocks near downtown to allow for higher-density residential construction and some affordable housing. The Town of Danville has responded with a website dedicated to the 2030 General Plan, as well as a letter from Town Manager Joseph Calabrigo explaining more details about the […]

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Danville To Become A “Festering Cluster Of Humanity?”

Danville is updating it’s general plan, which will include 9.6 acres of high-density, low-income housing to comply with state requirements. The townsfolk are not happy. From The Contra Costa Times: A crowd of about 200 packed into the Danville Community Center and more than 20 speakers told the town’s planning commission to essentially leave well […]

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