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Buying A Flipped Home? Mortgage Stipulations To Be Aware Of

House hunting? If your appetite for a turnkey renovated home is a flipped house, you may end up jumping through more hoops to close escrow. What Is A Flipped Home? A flipped property is a situation where the house is acquired usually by a real estate investment company (also could be an individual) and is re-offered […]

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Two Biggest Factors That Garuantee The Lowest Rate

It’s not surprising interest rates are on the rise as the fed has committed to reducing their mortgage bond buying starting this month. There is an array of factors affecting a mortgage rate things like;  home occupancy, loan type, and even property type. Two factors carry the most weight when shopping mortgages… How Lender Sees […]

Winning A Bidding War Because Of Facebook?

Recently, I was able to secure my clients the house of their dreams. There were multiple offers on the house and the sellers and their agent had to choose. What was the deciding factor? My Facebook page. I seemed like the kind of guy that they would like to do business with. Not my business […]

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Boomerang Generation Still Boomeranging

The Boomerang Generation is still living at home and not buying houses. At least, not yet. Via The Atlantic: The unemployed college graduate moving back in with his parents has been one of the ubiquitous stock figures of the recession, helping to cement the Millennials’ reputation as the “Boomerang Generation.” But how many young grads are […]

Rejected: Six Reasons Why You Aren’t Getting Your Offer Accepted

Sometimes you aren’t getting your offer accepted because somebody else is willing to pay more. Other times you lose by making some common mistakes. Let’s take a look at the 6 reasons why your offer isn’t getting accepted in this booming, multiple-offer market. 1. Ignoring the Market First off, you need to have a reasonable […]


26 Offers. First-Time Home Buyers Are Screwed.

I admin it. I’m frustrated. “Tell them to not even bother,” said the listing agent apologetically about my first-time home buyers. “There is simply no way they can compete.” He and the Sellers figured the home was priced “about right.” And it was… the list price WAS right. The house won’t appraise for any more. They […]

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It’s Hard Out There For A First-Time Home Buyer

With housing supply so low and competition fierce, it’s getting really hard out there for a first-time home buyer. Pretend, for example, that you are a young, reasonably-successful couple with a kid or two and you are ready to buy a single family home. Let’s say that your budget is up to $650,000 and you […]

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