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Can’t Buy A House? How To Refinance To Qualify

An important home buying hurdle you’ll need to over is the relationship between the proposed new housing payment and current liabilities against your monthly pre-tax income. The payment to income ratio on debts, including other debt houses you own, play a vital role for the mortgage broker determining how much house you can bite off. […]

Exactly What is a Housing Recovery?

Everywhere you look, people are saying that housing is recovering. But exactly what is a housing recovery? Think about it… does a housing recovery mean a return to peak bubble home prices? Or peak number of existing home sales? Or peak new home sales? Or contribution to GDP? Does it even mean a return to […]

Existing Home Sales Debate: Why I Disagree With Calculated Risk

Today’s Existing Home Sales report from the National Association of Realtors came in below expectations with sales falling roughly 1% from November to December. Most analysts are calling this a disappointing report, but Calculated Risk’s Bill McBride disagrees. Me? I think everyone is wrong. Total existing-home sales, which are completed transactions that include single-family homes, […]

Why Many Have A Tough Time Qualifying For A Mortgage

Ever been enticed by via low mortgage rate only to find out you don’t measure up to the credit standards of that particular lender? Unfortunately it happens every day. The good news  only 40% of people cannot qualify, that means there is 60% of the people who can. Nevertheless, following are common way  your loan […]