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Alameda market…and beyond!

Alameda has had property prices increase BIG-TIME this year.  That’s old news.  But this link may be of interest to those who are buying or are trying to buy at this time.  Here’s a line from the Wall Street Journal article, dated May 1: Even with the gains in home prices, housing is more affordable […]

Put in a little $…get back less $.

This is one I can’t ignore.   Here is the top 10 National Association of Realtors 2013 Source vs. Cost of Improvements.  Note that it doesn’t reflect prices in the Bay Area, which one could easily assume will run a lot higher. I read a lot online. I maybe I saw this earlier in Bay Area […]

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San Francisco Gets Off to a Hot Start in 2013

San Francisco real estate got off to a very hot start in 2013. Which is probably the only time you’ll hear the words “hot” and “San Francisco” in the same sentence until we have our first hot day of the year (anything above 80 degrees fahrenheit qualifies as hot in SF). As the chart below shows, we […]


The fiscal cliff: what all the fuss is about

What is the definition of fiscal?  Webster’s dictionary says fiscal means “of or pertaining to the public treasury or revenues.”  When the President talks about fiscal policy, the President is talking about how the federal government will spend tax revenue. So, what is the fiscal cliff?  Based on current federal government policy, laws will go […]

A comment on Superstorm Sandy’s effect on the economy

Is a hurricane or other natural disaster good for the economy?  No is the answer.  And here is an explanation. A natural disaster destroys wealth in the economy.   Wealth is equal to homes, cars, bridges, seawalls, and more man-made things.  Also, wealth includes natural things, such as forests and estuaries.  With the destruction of […]


This week I attended a webinar sponsored by a major investment firm.  One of the company’s chief advisors, with 33 years of experience, gave his thoughts on where the world economy is right now and what might happen in 2012. I am certainly not an economist.  And not all economists are in agreement as to […]