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Condos Leading the Charge? Who Could Have Known?

There’s a condo complex in Hayward that I’ve been following the last several years (What’s Going On With Condos!? and preceding posts linked from there). The thing that makes it most interesting is that it had been an apartment complex that was converted to condos in 2005. So virtually all of the 287 units were sold […]


Three Moraga Condos That Investors Can Actually Buy

Today, amazingly, there are three great condos for sale that have no rental restrictions. If you’ve been looking to invest in Moraga, I would strongly recommend looking at them. 2059 Ascot Drive Unit 108 – $249,000           1 Bedroom, 1 Bathroom, 713 sq. ft. Enjoy the peaceful hillside view from your […]


What’s Going On With Condos!?

As noted in past posts (see Small condos lead the way in a slow-motion market and an earlier post linked from there) the condo market that was clobbered by the real estate downturn was showing signs of a recovery early this year. The study is based on the Montierra condos in Hayward that were converted from […]


Small condos lead the way in a slow-motion market

In the spirit that this is the Bay Area Real Estate Trends blog, I’m going to be updating some of my earlier posts to get an idea of just what some of those trends are. And appropriately, on the one-year anniversary of my first post, I’m going to revisit the Montierra Condominiums in the Hayward […]

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Three Reasons NOT to Make That Condo Your First Home

With interest rates so low and Bay Area rents so high, it’s no wonder that a lot of younger people are considering buying their first homes. And because they are generally cheaper, many are considering buying a condo because… well… that’s what you are supposed to do. You buy something inexpensive, build up equity, and […]

Real Estate Denial, San Jose Edition

The Silicon Valley is the biggest source of economic hope and optimism in the Bay Area. It’s “where the jobs are” and it’s part of what makes this part of the world special and unique. As such, it has become our sacred cow. Stock prices only go up, home prices only go up, and everything will be greener, richer, smarter and better. If there was ever a place convinced that it was immune from an economic downturn, it is Silicon Valley.