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Sellers…are you including these questions when you interview agents?

It’s fourth grade in my small life.   I have three younger brothers.  That year I attended three different schools because my dad was transferred with his company.  From Costa Mesa (CA) to San Diego (CA), to La Jolla (CA) (to accommodate a relative coming to live with us), and then up to Daly City […]

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HARP 2.0 Refinance: Get The “Real” Scoop

If you live in or own real estate in Sonoma County and need to refinance, the Harp 2.0 Refinance Program could be just the ticket to successfully reducing your interest rate and monthly mortgage payment. The Making Homes Affordable Program lifted their maximum loan-to-value requirements on March 18, 2012 for loans owned by Fannie Mae […]

Maybe Slower, Cheaper Trains Are A Better Idea…

Not to get too political here, but California’s high-speed rail plan continues to get sillier and sillier. I spent the weekend with my world-travelling younger sister and she was telling me all about the train systems in Europe and Australia. Both are successful and popular because they are cheaper and more convenient than flying. But […]

California Home Sales Declined in March, Prices Jump

Volume drops with restricted inventory and March’s median home price jumps with fewer low end sales. Strangely, CAR suggests that bulk REO sales would be a possible solution, even though those sales would be as rentals to institutional investors and do nothing to add needed inventory to the market. In the past, both CAR and […]

California Foreclosure Activity Tumbles in 2011

California foreclosure activity fell in 2011, largely due to loan modifications and procedural delays. DataQuick reports: La Jolla, CA.–The number of California homes going into foreclosure dropped in the fourth quarter of 2011 to the second-lowest level in more than four years, the result of evolving lender and mortgage servicer policies as well as shifting […]