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Today’s Mortgage Lending Environment Still Has Some Aspects That Do Not Make Sense

Banks want you to believe getting a these days is easier and that may be case if, you’re financial house is in order. Here is what you need to know about how to plan for the nuances, that may illogically arise… The reality is that if you’re going to be getting a mortgage in today’s […]

Here Is Why 5% Mortgage Rates Are A Long Ways Out

The direction of mortgage interest rates drive the housing market. We’ve been spoiled with ultra-low rates the last few years with many experts predicating  2014 was going to be the year of 5% rates, they were wrong. Here’s why we’re not going to be seeing 5% mortgage rates anytime soon. Ability To Procure Credit Reality […]

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Buying A Flipped Home? Mortgage Stipulations To Be Aware Of

House hunting? If your appetite for a turnkey renovated home is a flipped house, you may end up jumping through more hoops to close escrow. What Is A Flipped Home? A flipped property is a situation where the house is acquired usually by a real estate investment company (also could be an individual) and is re-offered […]

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FHA Loan Limit Reduction’s Impact On Home Buyers

The FHA announced they are reducing loan limits for 2014 in high-cost areas in an effort to scale back their role in the housing market. Looking back to 2008, financial markets depressed in the aftermath of the meltdown, economy on the verge of recession, enter loan bailout- the Federal Housing Administration. This direct government involvement […]

Alameda market…and beyond!

Alameda has had property prices increase BIG-TIME this year.  That’s old news.  But this link may be of interest to those who are buying or are trying to buy at this time.  Here’s a line from the Wall Street Journal article, dated May 1: Even with the gains in home prices, housing is more affordable […]

You Can Still Get A Mortgage Even If You Are Not A US Citizen

If you are not a US Citizen trying, it can be a long and difficult road to obtain a mortgage. Many lenders won’t makes mortgages to people who don’t have social security numbers or permanent work stability. For the purposes of getting a mortgage, US Citizens and Permanent Resident Aliens are the same, with one […]

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Top 5 Home Buying Programs Most Consumers Opt For

With more home buyers entering the market, competition increasing, driving  prices in most pocket areas up, consumers begin to place more emphasis on sustainable payment over time considering they could be paying more for the property than anticipated. Such real estate market conditions are also causing many buyers to switch mortgage loan programs during the […]

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