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    What’s with the squiggely box on the sign post?

    You’re in a neighborhood you like.  You drive/walk/ride a bike by a property (duplex or more units, condo, townhome, single family home).  There is no flier box or, there aren’t fliers in the box.

    What is a savvy consumer to do?  You might call the agent…but you just want to KNOW about the place.  You don’t want to see it or you don’t want to be hounded by the agent. You just want to KNOW.

    This is the day (more like years) of the internet.  Everybody wants to do it themselves, be their own boss.  And that works real well in the beginning.  Enter QR codes.  You’ve seen them.  Maybe even used them to price compare at stores.

    QR (quick response) codes are the boxy-lined items you see on store shelves, in ads, in papers, and….  on real estate sign posts.  The codes allow  user, who has a QR code app, to see all the details of a property….without the paper flier!

    All you have to so is fire up that app on your smart phone, take a picture and instantly you’ll have that property in your hand.  Maybe there will be a website you’re taken too.  Maybe a consumer view of the MLS.

    That’s the place you want to see…or not.  But if you do have a smart phone (look around and see who’s buying houses these days) you’ll know very quickly what you want to do.

    Get it now.  Get it done.  That’s what the consumer wants when they are beginning to shop for real estate.


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Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
Answer: Take a flier….
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