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Sellers…are you including these questions when you interview agents?

It’s fourth grade in my small life.   I have three younger brothers.  That year I attended three different schools because my dad was transferred with his company.  From Costa Mesa (CA) to San Diego (CA), to La Jolla (CA) (to accommodate a relative coming to live with us), and then up to Daly City […]

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Put in a little $…get back less $.

This is one I can’t ignore.   Here is the top 10 National Association of Realtors 2013 Source vs. Cost of Improvements.  Note that it doesn’t reflect prices in the Bay Area, which one could easily assume will run a lot higher. I read a lot online. I maybe I saw this earlier in Bay Area […]

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Buyers-Consider FHA 203K loans

Why should buyers consider FHA 203K loans? Because of this market.  The competition is fierce with low inventory. Many homes left are in need of a repair…..This is where a 203K loan can leverage a buyer to get into a location or school system previously unaffordable. 203K FHA loans are rehab loans. There are two separate […]

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Take a flyer – or take a photo of the QR Code

You see a property from your car, or on your walk or on your bike ride.  You want to know about it.  There isn’t a flier box.  Or if there is, the flier box is empty.  All you want to know is about the place.  You don’t want to call the agent and be hassled.  […]

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Dump the car and start rockin’ and jawin’ on the front porch.

No garages/carports?  Yes to a front porch? Two thirds of houses being built now are without garages/carports and with front porches (a decrease in back decks has occurred).  The current group of buyers  are interested in knowing their neighbors and not hiding the the backyard! (US Census Bureau 2011 on new single family homes). Along […]

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