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No, 49% Of Homes Sold In September Were Not To Cash Buyers

RealtyTrac has to have made a mistake when it reported that 49% of all homes sold in September were to cash buyers. Until now, their data and the data from NAR had been roughly in-line. This can’t be right. From RealtyTrac: All-cash purchases nationwide represented 49 percent of all residential sales in September, up from […]

California Home Sales Back To 1988 Levels

With home prices having spiked and inventory so low this summer, California home sales retreated to levels seen in 1988. Larry Roberts breaks down the numbers and analysis: It’s been called “sticker shock,” but perhaps a more apt term would be “price revulsion.” The cost of ownership rose so high so fast that buyers simply […]

The Fed Predicts Housing Rush To The Exit

Historically, as home prices rise, more sellers are enticed to put their homes on the market. This time, however, something is different. Prices have risen dramatically over the last 18 months, yet housing inventory has fallen. This isn’t how things are supposed to be. The important question is why. The answer will largely tell us […]