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Here Is Why 5% Mortgage Rates Are A Long Ways Out

The direction of mortgage interest rates drive the housing market. We’ve been spoiled with ultra-low rates the last few years with many experts predicating  2014 was going to be the year of 5% rates, they were wrong. Here’s why we’re not going to be seeing 5% mortgage rates anytime soon. Ability To Procure Credit Reality […]

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“Zestimates”, a triumph of analysis or complete horseshit?

  The Added Value Zillow brings over sites such as Redfin, or Trulia  is the precise estimate of value they call a “Zestimate”. That “Zestimate” is either a triumph of mathematical analysis or complete and utter horseshit. If you look a little below the “Zestimate” you will see something they call a “Value Range” […]

Expired listings on 1/1/2015 for Marin and Sonoma Counties, by property type. “There’s nothing price can’t fix”

Buyers and agents looked at every one of these properties and decided that they were not willing to pay the asking price. There’s a clearing price for every property and buyers decide what that clearing price is, not sellers. Here are the Holiday leftovers… Residential listings, 300. Mobile/Floating homes, 10. Lots and Land, 140. Multi […]