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Ebola and Real Estate prices.

Ebola is already having economic impacts. And unless the current outbreaks are contained ( Which isn’t likely) those impacts will increase. Africa produces a LOT of raw materials, they won’t be getting shipped. Airlines are likely to stop service to much of the Continent. And anyone who thinks it won’t spread around the globe is […]

The Sebastopol broker’s meeting and tour 10/8/2014

Attendance was light at 45. 9 new escrows opened 7 closed, 7 price reductions, one property came back on the market, 4 upcoming listings were mentioned and 13 “Buyer’s needs” brought up. 2 of the newly opened escrows had offers more than asking and 7081 Elphick rd was on the tour again, it had gone […]


The Sebastopol Broker’s meeting and tour 10/1/2014, with comments.

67 were present. 13 new escrows were opened, 12 were closed, 7 price reductions were announced and 2 properties came back on the market. 14 upcoming listings were described and 10 “Buyer’s needs ” brought up. of the 25 newly opened and closed escrows two were all cash deals and none recieved more two offers. […]