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The Sebastopol Broker’s meeting and tour June 25,2014

The meeting was well attended with 74 present. 10 new escrows opened, 5 closed,7 price reductions,2 back on the market,13 upcoming listings announced and 3 buyer’s needs mentioned. Comments were solicited about market conditions, no one spoke up. In private conversations the increased interest in VRBO properties has come up, agents are trying to figure […]

The Eucalyptus are dying in Sonoma County

Late last fall I noticed that some Eucalypts along Hwy 116 weren’t looking healthy, browning leaves and drooping branches. I ascribed it to the hard freeze we had in November and stopped thinking about it. This spring I noticed more Eucalyptus looking unhealthy and initially ascribed it to the drought. I mentioned it idly to […]