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Deals that “Go Sideways”

Most Real Estate deals “Go sideways” at least once. You are in escrow and one of the inspections comes in a lot worse than expected, or a lot line issue comes up, an easement no one thought to mention before surfaces or the appraisal comes in low. If the pest report comes in much higher […]

Flipping a home, and doing it the right way.

Buying on the courthouse steps is for the professionals, unless you are a general contractor or the equivalent and are able to estimate the cost of repairs very accurately, leave it to the pro’s. Or get an expensive education. Buying an REO at one of the online auctions is also high risk. The bank has […]

The Sebastopol Broker’s meeting and tour, April 9, 2014

It was standing room only with close to 100 in attendance. 12 new escrows were opened, 13 were closed, 12 upcoming listings were announce and 2 places came back on the market. 17 “Buyer’s needs were mentioned”. Several of the homes that just went into escrow had multiple offer (4,5,6) and they were priced between […]

The Sebastopol Broker’s meeting and tour 1/22/2014

The meeting was well attended and several people commented on market conditions. One agent held a home open in Greenbrae last Sunday. 450 people came through the home, there were 28 offers, the listing price was $900K and the accepted cash offer was $1.375MM. Not healthy, but very nice if you are a seller. 6590 […]

The Sebastopol Broker’s meeting and Tour of December 11,2013

82 attended on this crisp fall morning. 7 new escrows were opened, 11 closed, 2 price reductions were announced ( 10965 Cherry Ridge dropped $50K, they are ready to deal) and one property came back on the market. No multiple offers and fewer all cash deals than I have become accustomed to. There were 2 […]