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The Sebastopol Broker’s meeting and tour April 23, 2014

The meetingĀ  was well attended with roughly 100 present. Seven homes were on tour, I only saw two due to time constraints and other commitments. 10 new escrows opened,12 closed, 21 upcoming listings announced, 1 price reduction, one home back on the market and 8 buyer’s needs announced. The homes I saw were MLS # […]

The Sebastopol Broker’s meeting and tour April 16, 2014

Attendance was 83. 11 new escrows opened, 12 closed, 20 upcoming listings announced ( And two mentioned to me on a confidential basis), 2 price reductions and 22 “Wants”. 2 homes were on tour and 3 “Optional” as well. Quite a few multiple offers (6 in 2 cases) and more than one went for more […]

The Sebastopol Broker’s meeting and tour, April 9, 2014

It was standing room only with close to 100 in attendance. 12 new escrows were opened, 13 were closed, 12 upcoming listings were announce and 2 places came back on the market. 17 “Buyer’s needs were mentioned”. Several of the homes that just went into escrow had multiple offer (4,5,6) and they were priced between […]