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A happy Thanksgiving to all!

And a safe one. I have much to be thankful for. Friends and loved ones, a job I enjoy and reasonable health and a wonderful sweetheart. The holidays can be a rough time for some, but all of us can be thankful. If not for where we are and what we have, then for where […]

A few comments on unpermitted work and flippers.

We see a lot of unpermitted work here in western Sonoma County, it’s more common in rural areas and outside city limits because it doesn’t stand out as much and the prevailing attitude is generally “Live and Let live”. I have seen properties with one or more entirely unpermitted homes along with unpermitted barns, artists […]

Ebola and Real Estate prices.

Ebola is already having economic impacts. And unless the current outbreaks are contained ( Which isn’t likely) those impacts will increase. Africa produces a LOT of raw materials, they won’t be getting shipped. Airlines are likely to stop service to much of the Continent. And anyone who thinks it won’t spread around the globe is […]

The Sebastopol Broker’s meeting and tour 9/10/2014

49 were present. 10 new escrows were opened, 7 escrows closed, 3 price reductions, one home back on the market, 29 upcoming listings mentioned and 10 buyer’s needs brought up. None of the closed or newly opened escrows were all cash deals. One newly opened escrow had 6 offers, none were cash. The most any […]