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How Keeping A Close Eye On Your Credit May Hurt Your Mortgage Chances

What Are Disputed Credit Accounts? *Credit Accounts (that report on the credit report) in which there is disagreement about any material item like balance, interest rate, payments  are most common, any aspect of the agreement between a borrower (creditor) and lender (debtor). Includes: Disputed Charge-off Accounts (charge off shows a due debt, but no payment due) […]

Two Biggest Factors That Garuantee The Lowest Rate

It’s not surprising interest rates are on the rise as the fed has committed to reducing their mortgage bond buying starting this month. There is an array of factors affecting a mortgage rate things like;  home occupancy, loan type, and even property type. Two factors carry the most weight when shopping mortgages… How Lender Sees […]

The Sebastopol Broker’s meeting and tour 1/22/2014

The meeting was well attended and several people commented on market conditions. One agent held a home open in Greenbrae last Sunday. 450 people came through the home, there were 28 offers, the listing price was $900K and the accepted cash offer was $1.375MM. Not healthy, but very nice if you are a seller. 6590 […]

The Wrong Way To Get Pre-Qualified For A Mortgage

I get it. I totally understand why most people shop for loans the way that they do. But it’s wrong and they are shooting themselves in the feet. There is a right and wrong way to get pre-qualified for a mortgage. Here is how NOT to get pre-approved for your home loan… 1. Shop Interest […]