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I am a Broker Associate with Creative Property services (CPS) in Sebastopol Ca. My father was an Appraiser and expert witness based in Oakland Ca for many years and I grew up having the basics drilled into me. I enjoy what I do and I am good at it. I managed income property in Oakland for a number of years and was licensed to run a collection agency for more than a decade. I have also worked as a credit manager and as the senior collector at the test center of a Bank . I have been commenting for years at "Calculated Risk" and on other Real estate Blogs including the defunct "Sonoma Housing Bubble" Blog. The best job title I ever had was "Chief Garbler". My Email Address is "" and my cell # is (707) 364-2477, please don't call before 7 AM or after 8 PM unless we have a deal in progress.

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1883 Jonive

I was out toward Occidental  and dropped by to take a look. It is priced to get a bidding war. Very good floor plan, great light, good condition throughout and a superior garden. I’d swap out some of the carpet and refinish some floors, that’s it. $850K seems likely and I wouldn’t be surprised to […]

The Sebastopol Broker’s meeting and tour April 16, 2014

Attendance was 83. 11 new escrows opened, 12 closed, 20 upcoming listings announced ( And two mentioned to me on a confidential basis), 2 price reductions and 22 “Wants”. 2 homes were on tour and 3 “Optional” as well. Quite a few multiple offers (6 in 2 cases) and more than one went for more […]

Deals that “Go Sideways”

Most Real Estate deals “Go sideways” at least once. You are in escrow and one of the inspections comes in a lot worse than expected, or a lot line issue comes up, an easement no one thought to mention before surfaces or the appraisal comes in low. If the pest report comes in much higher […]

Flipping a home, and doing it the right way.

Buying on the courthouse steps is for the professionals, unless you are a general contractor or the equivalent and are able to estimate the cost of repairs very accurately, leave it to the pro’s. Or get an expensive education. Buying an REO at one of the online auctions is also high risk. The bank has […]