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I’m a long-time Oakland resident and homeowner who has no ties to the real estate business, but find the residential housing market a fascinating field of study. It is rich with data and impacts everyone, personally and financially. National and regional statistics have their place, but I’m primarily concerned with the micro aspects of the housing market; particularly as they affect individuals and families. My studies have been focused on Alameda County, with an emphasis on the Bay side of the East Bay Hills. Retirement has its benefits.

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Condos Leading the Charge? Who Could Have Known?

There’s a condo complex in Hayward that I’ve been following the last several years (What’s Going On With Condos!? and preceding posts linked from there). The thing that makes it most interesting is that it had been an apartment complex that was converted to condos in 2005. So virtually all of the 287 units were sold […]


What’s Going On With Condos!?

As noted in past posts (see Small condos lead the way in a slow-motion market and an earlier post linked from there) the condo market that was clobbered by the real estate downturn was showing signs of a recovery early this year. The study is based on the Montierra condos in Hayward that were converted from […]


No surprise – Some Markets Are Burning

Here’s a glance at a tiny market segment, but it likely reflects behavior in similar markets across the Bay Area. One neighborhood that I track rather closely is my own – ZIP 94610. It’s generally Crocker Highlands in Oakland with a bit of Piedmont thrown in, just to raise the demographic profile ;-). Homes here […]


Small condos lead the way in a slow-motion market

In the spirit that this is the Bay Area Real Estate Trends blog, I’m going to be updating some of my earlier posts to get an idea of just what some of those trends are. And appropriately, on the one-year anniversary of my first post, I’m going to revisit the Montierra Condominiums in the Hayward […]

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