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Marilyn Schumacher

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Real Estate Broker Associate


Fusion Real Estate

DRE #:00904530

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Welcome to my world! I've been selling Alameda city real estate for....seems like forever! This is where my husband and I chose to settle down (we were originally from Newport Beach)...he was a yacht designer (passed on in 2002 very unexpectedly). We raised our kids, who are now married and live in CA and New Zealand! We are native CA, and I almost feel like a native Alamedan. I have a background as a commercial pilot, teaching in gliders and small planes. I brought new planes across the across the US and then repossessed them when the market went south! I flew DC 4's (four engine work horses) in Alaska hauling salmon, as a co-pilot, when I was pregnant with our son. Check out my weekly blog and my track and get to my website from there. We may or may not be a perfect match....but I'll be forthright with you as my "praises" say.

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