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I speak from the viewpoint of the potential buyer and will write about my experience learning the basics of real estate on my way to becoming a first-time property owner. As a former journalist, I'm excited to share what I'm learning, where I go to learn it and what I'm hearing. I now work in high tech and will also share with you how to put the smartphone, Web — and even Twitter -- to use in real estate.

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Low rates make 15-year loans get another look.

A recent story in the Wall Street Journal “Paying Less for a Mortgage. How to Sidestep Rising Rates on 30-Year Fixed-Rate Loans”  caught my attention right away. I always thought paying more in interest was worth the safety of a lower monthly mortgage. Now I’m not so sure. With a 15-year fixed rate bottoming out, […]

Why the Bay area likes Boulder.

Investment homes are popular in this Colorado town. Boulder, Colorado is a lot like Austin, Texas in that everyone loves both cities. Both are college towns, have lots of high tech, and the locals love that their towns are unique. There’s “Keep Austin weird” and despite becoming very trendy, Boulder is still known as a “hippie town” […]


The median price paid for a Bay Area home in September of $429,000 is the highest in four years, according to a report out this week by DataQuick. That’s up 4.6% from $410,000 in August and up 17.4% from $365,000 a year ago. These are numbers realtors must love and potential buyers — like myself — running for well, other markets.  Especially when I hear September’s median home price in San Francisco was $750,000.

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