Alameda flip: glam where there was a sham…

While this past week’s Broker Tour literally didn’t exist, there were some new houses on the market.  They just weren’t on the tour.

One that I did see this week was a flip. It was 1058 Central Ave.  I saw this on October 22.  It was a mess: roof leaked, windows damaged, a hoarders paradise (everybody else’s hell), walls wet, exterior damaged, super over-grown.  I am not sure the wreck of a car came with it.  It was listed for 205K and sold all cash for 308K.

It came back on the market this past week for 449K.  It is single level, mostly redone: kitchen, bath, all the interior, roof, stucco siding, painting inside and out, and it shows well.

But on something like this we see the glam where it was a sham.  The fireplace has some major re-pointing to do, kitchen doesn’t have much storage, and windows aren’t upgraded (often a challenge in Alameda due to the permitting process for anything prior to 1942).  It does have a driveway, but no garage, and it’s on a lovely street but it is a thoroughfare.  Don’t know if the pest has been cleared through the remodel.

Will be interesting to see what it sells for…..offers to be reviewed on Tues 1/29.

Looking for more to come on the market….buyers are ready to bite!

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