Wednesday Real Estate Linkfest

Housing Wednesday Real Estate Linkfest

As Home Rents Head Higher, Owning Regains Its Appeal – WSJ

CoreLogic’s Shadow Inventory - Barry Ritholtz

The Problem With Home Prices (Part 3 of 5) - Barry Ritholtz

Where are we today? Where might prices go over the next few years? The conventional wisdom seems to be that prices have stabilized, and that we might scrape along the bottom for a few more quarters or even years. The data suggests something else.

CoreLogic: House Price Index falls to new post-bubble low in February, Rate of decline slows - CR

Professional Decorating Ideas in the Houzz – WSJ

Depending on how you use it, Houzz can work like Pinterest, the idea- and photo-sharing social network, complete with lots of lush photos of designed rooms that users admire and save in personal Ideabooks for reference later. Also like Pinterest, users can follow one another. I followed a few designers and design firms with photos of sample rooms I liked. After following Siemasko + Verbridge, I saw all of the design firm’s activity on the website in a My Houzz section.

Unlike Pinterest, which makes everything public, Houzz Ideabooks and the comments people add to photos in their Ideabooks can be kept private, which I liked.

I’ve been using Houzz (a combination of the words “house” and “buzz”) on the Web and as an app for the past week, and I’ve already learned a lot. I moved into my new place last summer, so flipping through photos of living rooms, bathrooms and kitchens was motivating. I just might add a wallpapered accent wall in my living room if I ever find some spare time.

How Housing Affordability Can Falter Even as House Prices Decline – Charles Hugh Smith

As Foreclosures Stall Again, Warnings of Housing ‘Paralysis’ – Diana Olick

“It will soon become apparent that ‘foreclosure prevention’ was one of the biggest housing and finance policy blunders of all time. That’s because it circumvented interest rate policy in part aimed at household de-leveraging, kicked the problem forward and spread it out over many more years.”


Economic Confidence at New Four-Year High – Tim Iacono

Reis: Apartment Vacancy Rate falls to 4.9% in Q1 - CR

Yahoo to lay off 2,000 employees – AP

Colleges Withhold Transcripts From Grads in Loan Default – The Nation

Unable to find a job as a music teacher in the current economic crisis, he eventually went into default on his loans, which included Stafford, Perkins and private bank loans. Then this year, he decided to go on to earn a PhD, which would make it possible for him to get hired in his field. He applied to a top-rated university in the Northeast, but when it was time to send his school transcripts, Temple froze him out. “They said as long as I was in default on my loans, they would not issue a transcript!” says Rodriguez.


Easy-to-Clean BART Seats Have Arrived – Bay Citizen


A Plan for São Paulo Housing Crisis – WSJ

Officials in São Paulo are hoping that establishing rental housing may begin to address that problem. To do so, they are about to test a program modeled on one in New York in which private developers receive government subsidies on projects that are marketed to people at different income levels. By renting 80% of the units at market rates, developers in New York can still make money even though they are limited on how much rent they can charge for the other 20% of the units.

What Do I Owe You? – Columbia Journalism Review

The business model is effectively a reputation laundry for banks that don’t want their names attached to the nasty business of collecting the worst and worst-documented debts, but want to maximize their revenues, even if its for just 1.8 cents on the dollar.

Grain Foods Foundation takes the fight to the schools – Wheat Belly

This is war. Because they share the message of the USDA and U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (read “effective deep-pocketed lobbying”) to eat more “healthy whole grains,” they appear to be on the side of right. Hook these kids with the opiate in wheat, gliadin, and they have eager customers for life. And, if they gain plenty of weight and become diabetic at, say, age 16 or 24, they have a new customer for the diabetes drug industry–you know, the people who have been vigorous financial supporters of the Wheat Lobby for 20 years. Everyone wins! . . . except your kids.

Deepthroat: Debt Collector Edition – Credit Slips

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