Preparing a Home for Sale – A Question

A question for you Real Estate Agents out there.

How would you compare the cost to the homeowner to prepare a home for sale today to what it cost six years ago?


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I’m a long-time Oakland resident and homeowner who has no ties to the real estate business, but find the residential housing market a fascinating field of study. It is rich with data and impacts everyone, personally and financially. National and regional statistics have their place, but I’m primarily concerned with the micro aspects of the housing market; particularly as they affect individuals and families. My studies have been focused on Alameda County, with an emphasis on the Bay side of the East Bay Hills. Retirement has its benefits.

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One thought on “Preparing a Home for Sale – A Question

  1. Tom Stone

    Jay, it really depends upon the amount and kind of work that needs to be done. A basic cleaning and polishing, perhaps 15% more. It is a LOT more important to have a home look good now than it did 6 years ago and correcting problems is a real good idea. If you can afford it, get a complete home inspection as well as a good pest inspection and fix what needs fixing. If it is a country property get the well and septic systems checked out as well and make sure your agent makes all the reports available online at the MLS. You will break even or better when it sells, you vastly reduce the chances that the deal will fall out of escrow and you are likely to get a faster sale. Most importantly, disclose any problems to a potential buyer.It will bite you hard if you don’t.

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