I spent a little time with Andrew Jeffrey Wednsday

We took a drive and looked at property within walking distance of downtown sebastopol, a place on a hilltop 5 minutes from downtown Guerneville and a place on the coast. Two were on 2 acres more or less and one had 17 acres with about 2 acres of it usable. 3 very different types of property in 3 climatic zones. Jeffrey is very sharp and we talked a good deal about the similarities and differences in our markets. Despite our many differences (age among them) we share a fascination with Real Estate and the Real Estate markets. I had a lot of fun and learned something new.

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I am a Broker Associate with Creative Property services (CPS) in Sebastopol Ca. My father was an Appraiser and expert witness based in Oakland Ca for many years and I grew up having the basics drilled into me. I enjoy what I do and I am good at it. I managed income property in Oakland for a number of years and was licensed to run a collection agency for more than a decade. I have also worked as a credit manager and as the senior collector at the test center of a Bank . I have been commenting for years at "Calculated Risk" and on other Real estate Blogs including the defunct "Sonoma Housing Bubble" Blog. The best job title I ever had was "Chief Garbler". My Email Address is "StoneForHomes@Gmail.com" and my cell # is (707) 364-2477, please don't call before 7 AM or after 8 PM unless we have a deal in progress.

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2 thoughts on “I spent a little time with Andrew Jeffrey Wednsday

  1. Andrew Jeffery

    Thanks again for the time yesterday Tom. Great to see your market and how incredibly diverse it is, even within the city limits of Sebastopol. Also very interesting to see the similarities and differences between our markets.

    In particular, it was striking to hear how just like down here in the city, particularly how in certain market segments demand way outstrips supply and in others its the exact opposite.

    I keep thinking about that dump on the hill in the clearing … what’s a couple hundred grand overpriced amongst friends?

  2. Tom Stone

    A couple hundred grand? Enough for a memorable weekend in Abu Dhabi! Jeffrey, keep the dump in mind, I’ll be feeling out the listing agent over the next month or so to see what can be done. Great location, but the price is not right.

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