I was showing homes to a client this morning and we spent a bit of time talking about the feel of the homes. We looked at four homes and one had a very nice feel to it, two were ok and one was bad. At the last place we walked in and pretty much walked right out. None of these homes had good ‘Feng Shui” because the pathways went straight to the entrance. All had good light. all were in pretty nice condition and none had any bad smells. The place with the best feel was the smallest and was on the busiest street. The one with the worst feel was on a quiet street in a good neighborhood and it was probably in the best physical condition of the four we looked at. I suspect every person who has spent time looking at houses knows what I am talking about. I have tried to analyze this phenomenon with no success. Some places simply feel good and some bad.

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4 thoughts on “"Feel"

  1. Anonymous

    Translation: Don’t worry that this place is an overpriced POS. It’s all about “feel.” Give me a break.

  2. Jay Wiedwald

    No observation on whether the streets were tree-lined or not?

    Sure impacts MY Feng Shui (and I don’t know what that means).

  3. Tom Stone

    Anonymous, Why don’t you read the other posts I have written? Feel is an important but intangible factor in selecting a home. I have never put a client in a home without a complete home inspection and a thorough discussion of the good and bad points of the home and neighborhood. Referrals are important to me, screwing one client to make one commission is not good business. Jay, this was striking because we were looking at homes in stable,well established neighborhoods built in the 50′s and 60′s. These are areas with a preponderance of homeowners and many avid gardeners. All of the homes had been well kept and updated to some degree.

  4. Cyn

    I completely understand what you mean by the “feel.” I have looked at dozens of homes over the last year and am sometimes amazed that a few of them have ever sold. Everything about them feels wrong.

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