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Tuesday Real Estate Links Overhung

Real Estate Links for Tuesday, May 31st, 2011. “Generation Rent” and Inflation – TMTGM More than 500 cities see more homes become rentals – USA Today Just how out of line are house prices? – Macroblog The Excess Vacant Housing Supply – CR Housing Overhang Persists – TBP Case-Shiller: Home Price Double-Dip Confirmed – HS […]

A Random Walk Through the Minefield

In the last 48 hours, so much news has come out of Europe that has me frankly shaking my head. It is a strange game of brinksmanship they are playing, and it is one we should be paying attention to (as if the brinkmanship played by US politicians over the debt ceiling is not enough). This week we look at what seems to be European leaders taking random walks through the minefield at the very heart of the European Experiment.