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Strategic Default Is Merely Collecting On Home Price Protection Insurance Sold By Lenders

There are many ways to view strategic default. Borrowers use mortgages like option contracts giving them a “put” from a lender. It can also be viewed as an insurance contract against downside price movements. Borrowers are merely collecting on their insurance policy.

Friday Links Spreading

‘Strategic’ Mortgage Defaults Jump to 12% of Total – Bloomberg That finding concurred with reports by Goodman, a New York- based mortgage-bond analyst, who has said there will be as many as 12 million foreclosures over the next few years unless lenders can effectively modify borrowers’ debt. Housing Bubble Didn’t Faze Desire for Buying Homes […]

Home Appraisers: Is HVCC Actually Increasing Appraisal Fraud?…Worth Your Time! – Real Estate Appraiser Tips! Home Appraisers: Is HVCC Actually Increasing Appraisal Fraud? Wow! This is interesting! Jacob Gaffney, with HoustingWire Update, writes about how HVCC could potentially be causing more appraisal fraud.   Click read the full article, “Flopping Valuations Right Under the Nose of the HVCC“. Here are a few interesting snippets […]