Monthly Archives: October 2009

Friday Links Saved 650,000 Jobs

Home appraisal system could be dustbin-bound – The Washington Post A Bailout For Pensions? – The Atlantic In case you didn’t know (and I didn’t) there’s a government body out there called the “Pension Benefit Guarantee Corporation.” In a similar way to how the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation steps in when banks fail, the PBGC […]

FHA Guideline Changes

The following additional FHA overlays are being added and will be effective for all FHA loans received starting October 1, 2009. The program guides will be updated with these changes shortly: 1. Ratios on loans with an AU approval may not exceed 41.99/51.99; 2. Loans with non-occupant co-borrowers (unless a “true kiddie condo scenario”): a. […]

So are we ready for the next wave? It may be closer than you think…

I was reading through some of the information that had been sent to me today and it made me think. “Are we continuing to create a “sub-prime” market”? In today’s real estate market the first time home buyer has come back in force. We have the first time home buyer’s tax credit that has helped […]