The Sebastopol Broker’s meeting and tour April 23, 2014

The meeting  was well attended with roughly 100 present. Seven homes were on tour, I only saw two due to time constraints and other commitments. 10 new escrows opened,12 closed, 21 upcoming listings announced, 1 price reduction, one home back on the market and 8 buyer’s needs announced. The homes I saw were MLS # […]

1883 Jonive

I was out toward Occidental  and dropped by to take a look. It is priced to get a bidding war. Very good floor plan, great light, good condition throughout and a superior garden. I’d swap out some of the carpet and refinish some floors, that’s it. $850K seems likely and I wouldn’t be surprised to […]

The Sebastopol Broker’s meeting and tour April 16, 2014

Attendance was 83. 11 new escrows opened, 12 closed, 20 upcoming listings announced ( And two mentioned to me on a confidential basis), 2 price reductions and 22 “Wants”. 2 homes were on tour and 3 “Optional” as well. Quite a few multiple offers (6 in 2 cases) and more than one went for more […]

Deals that “Go Sideways”

Most Real Estate deals “Go sideways” at least once. You are in escrow and one of the inspections comes in a lot worse than expected, or a lot line issue comes up, an easement no one thought to mention before surfaces or the appraisal comes in low. If the pest report comes in much higher […]